Reverse Culture Shock

Having just arrived back tote Adirondacks and “American life” after a month in Perú, I can certainly relate to the reverse culture shock and resentment of first world norms. God, please heal my mind and help me to be grateful.


“Problems that arise with adjusting to a different culture have frequently been referred to as ‘culture shock.’  This phenomenon is usually precipitated by the anxiety which results from the sudden loss of familiar surroundings.  One experiences frustration and irritation as one constantly finds one’s ‘natural’ way of behaving to be in conflict with that of the host country.”

– Excerpt from my “Volunteer Abroad Program Handbook” from Cross Cultural Solutions

I spent this past weekend in Boston with people I love, both of whom had also recently moved back to the United States from abroad.  They drowned me in love, pumpkin spice tea, fondue, laughter, and crunchy leaves.  But there is still a slow-burning ember of resentment inside me that I am ashamed to admit exists.  I don’t really want to be here.

We went out to brunch on Saturday morning to a diner owned by a Syrian…

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