Site upgrades today, new site in a few weeks!

Loyal fans, photography subjects, and media clients,

My site is built on and hosted by Amazon S3 and SmugMug servers. These server systems were originally designed in 2002 before social media proliferation and when digital photography was still a toddler. Well if digital photography was a toddler in 2002, it’s now an adolescent and those jeans are too small! Gratefully, today the servers got upgraded! Not to worry, all your photos are online and you can access at the same places. The new system aims to be more reliable and versatile moving forward to the future of Jordan’s photography.

Web Server room

Thanks to this new system, I’ll be able to give you an even better experience with your images and my photography. In a few weeks I will be pushing new design and functionality upgrades to the site. Right now, I’m in a car headed to the mountains of Asia for two days and will be developing future goals for the site.

I want your input! What would you like to see or do with your images? What currently frustrates you on Many thanks and all the best!



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