A Heart For Asia: Connecting People

Connecting People
Jason, a Chinese student, connects with his country by waving a flag
Jason connects with his country by flying it’s flag (July 2013)

What connects people? It can be a place, a certain food or an idea. The young man waves his flag begetting camaraderie with his friends who were just behind me as I took that image. Their home country connects them together.

Food has an amazing ability to connect people. Want great white coffee? Head for Old Town. Who has good noodles? Oh, that little stall where the guy has been making it the same way for 20 years. We grow to enjoy the variety available in our locale. It connects us to other people and to the environment in our town or city.

An idea has the power to connect or separate people. In the Culture Corner of this email I talk about idol worship. People of all faiths want to connect with the object of their worship.

What ways are you connecting with places, food & ideas?

“We cannot discover new oceans until we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” — Muriel Chen

Culture Corner

Idol worship on the streets

Idol Worship

By no means is this an extraordinary street scene. In Little India of a multi-million resident city, followers pause to devote time, prayers and food to idols right on the street. Though in the West we are not accustomed to seeing this, what idols do we worship openly in the streets?

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