Lakeside Lifestyle Portraits with Romina

Romina is a sweet young lady who contacted me back in March for some lifestyle portraits on the lake. Since Mirror Lake was frozen we could go literally on the lake, as well as a few other spots around charming Lake Placid.

Here is what Romina had to say about her Lake Placid photo shoot, “My favorite part was when we were on the lake and when we did the photos on the hotel property. I really liked the interest of your work and how you planned everything in advance.”

To book your own lifestyle portrait session, reach out to Jordan online or in-person around town.

Charlie & Morgan’s Gabriels Wedding Photography

Morgan & Charlie Tying The Knot

Being a friend of the bride & groom make photographing the special day all that more special. The theme Down on the Farm was seen from the decorations to Morgan’s Cowgirl Boots, Charlie even made wooden belt buckles! Tying the Knot during the ceremony was a cute touch too! The best part is to see Christ’s love demonstrated through their lives and celebration. Best to you my friends, Jordan

The Bride has made available a guest photo gallery here.

Morgan & Her Bridesmaids

Charlie Shows Off His Ring

The Guests at the Barn

Keriann & Nick’s Lake Placid Wedding Photography Preview

Vibrant reds and brilliant yellows were on full display as Keriann & Nick travelled to Lake Placid for their wedding weekend. Keriann arrived to the Lake Placid Lodge in the Village Trolley.

The Lake Placid Trolley delivers the bride with her wedding party.

The rear facade of the Lake Placid Lodge just before the wedding ceremony.

As the Best Man played his delicate music, Nick watches his bride walk up the aisle.

Nick watches his bride walk up the aisle from the Lake Placid Lodge deck.

Keriann walks up the aisle.

After slipping rings on each other, they happily stroll out of the ceremony as leaves are thrown in their path.

Slipping wedding bands on each other's hands.

Walking out of the ceremony as leaves fall on their autumn wedding day.

Posing with their guests in front of the red vine covered stone facade.

Bridal Party and Guests behind the Lake Placid Lodge

Adirondack Wedding Chairs being signed by a guest.

Signing Adirondack Wedding Chairs
Keriann pets a local bird of prey before heading to her wedding reception.

You can get involved! Branding shoot for the 2013 Film Forum

Lake Placid Film Forum 2013Calling all actors, models & LPFF supporters: tomorrow (Saturday the 4th of May) at 5pm, we will be shooting branding images at the Palace Theatre in Lake Placid. The theme of this year’s forum involves the concept of a shared experience. You will need to arrive by 5pm at the Palace and make your way to Theatre 1. Bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop for a prop. And be sure to wear clothing that doesn’t have any big words or branding. Call or text 518 314 9046 if you’re interested. Best, Jordan

Lake Placid Family Portraits with the Jerges

This Thanksgiving was a special one for me. I was invited out to the Lake Placid Lodge by the Jerge Family. Jimmy, Melissa and their 5 laughing, well-behaved children were a bright spot of my holiday. And my wonderful sister Camille dressed up and helped out with the shoot, looking as beautiful as ever.

During our half-hour scouting session we found many rustic settings. The Lodge is well-known for this and exuded it’s unique character for our shoot. As the late autumn sun set, we used the large dock to create a high-contrast and colorful scene. Next, we moved to the Adirondack Lean-To with it’s cozy green and red pillows. With just a hint of sunlight left, the Jerge children settled onto the Westport chairs with their distinctive red paint. Thank you Jerges for a fun Thanksgiving afternoon!