Custom- printed DVDs arrived for Italian Art Exhibit!

To inquire about your own custom-printed DVDs, reach out to Jordan here.


Summer Photography Workshops at Bluseed Studios

Jordan is teaching an introduction to photography workshop titled “Photography Worth Sharing” throughout the summer and fall at BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake, NY. If you have a new camera or just want to learn to use the camera you have, bring it to one of Jordan’s sessions.

I want anyone interested in photography to experience this workshop, especially my students and online followers. Anyone mentioning this blog post will get your first day’s attendance on me – all workshop fees waived! The cost for this workshop is $95/day or $450/week. BluSeed contributors get 10% off.

pws image

When is it?
The workshops will be held Monday through Friday June 9th – 13th, again in July the 21st-25th, August dates to be announced, and September 22nd-26th.
pws schedule
Monday 9am-Noon is an Introduction to Light and Your Camera
Tuesday 9am-Noon learn Composition and Exposure
Wednesday at Sunset (7pm-10pm) explore Sunset light and Landscapes
Thursday 9am-Noon feel emotional connection of People and Storytelling through Photography
Friday 9am-Noon learn Editing and Sharing technique.

Contact BluSeed Studios to reserve your spot today!
(518) 891-3799

Hiking with Dan McCullum. Finally.

So Dan McCullum ( and I finally had an opportunity to go hiking and shoot together. I appreciate his skill and knowledge. We definitely talked as two camera nerds do, talking lenses and about the new mirror-less systems and how we workflow. An added bonus, Dan’s two brothers joined us and we all shot pictures together.

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