Morgan & Charlie’s 1-year Anniversary Photo Canvas

Morgan sent me this picture today of her 1-year anniversary canvas…

“We finally hung it up. Thank you so much Jordan. I really love it.”


Elaine & Chris’ Wedding Canvas

Elaine and Chris Canvas

Elaine caught up with me today about her canvas print from her wedding photography. Here is what she had to say:

“We LOVED our print. Absolutely beautiful. All your work was great. Thank you thank you!”

Charlie & Morgan’s Gabriels Wedding Photography

Morgan & Charlie Tying The Knot

Being a friend of the bride & groom make photographing the special day all that more special. The theme Down on the Farm was seen from the decorations to Morgan’s Cowgirl Boots, Charlie even made wooden belt buckles! Tying the Knot during the ceremony was a cute touch too! The best part is to see Christ’s love demonstrated through their lives and celebration. Best to you my friends, Jordan

The Bride has made available a guest photo gallery here.

Morgan & Her Bridesmaids

Charlie Shows Off His Ring

The Guests at the Barn