Send Me on The Way

A Skyline View from New York with it’s variety of buildings, cultures and activity. (Brooklyn, New York July 2013 by Jordan Craig)

The journey to Southeast Asia has begun! In two short days (literally shortened because I’ll be losing 12 hours due to crossing time zones), I’ll be at my destination beginning the work of the next nine weeks. But really the work has already started.
In the first day of travel, I’ve experienced the presence of a black pants and blue shirts Amish family speaking German on the train; an NYU graduate showing his pencil and pen sketches from Venice, Italy; and a kind hand of help with my luggage from a stranger on New York’s subway.
This variety of experiences is just the beginning of this trip’s work. You see, a photographer meets many different people from one moment to the next. Comparison and contrast are his friends that show how to contextual the visual and sensory stimuli. They show how we look different, yet hint at the truth that we are all the same. We have the same daily needs and the same longing for significance and answers.
Whether you live in a small mountain town, speak German or make noodles, we are all human and created with a purposes for our days. I’m excited to get to Asia and know it’s people!


Preparing The Way

A Classroom in Barahona, Dominican Republic

A classroom with empty chairs waits to be filled. This classroom has been prepared thoughtfully by someone with a heart for children. (Barahona, Dominican Republic Summer 2008 by Jordan Craig)

The image above is a picture that represents the preparation in my life for this trip. Each carefully placed chair represents a prepared resource: prayer support, training, housing, organizations. The teacher represents the one going and has placed the chairs, but the chairs are all gifts from Someone else with greater resources. The classroom itself represents the everyday life and culture in Asia. It is in this sense of place that connections are made between the teacher and students. And the students are those who I will meet and befriend as I work with the other teachers.

How do you see this classroom?