Bri & Brendan’s Lake Placid Wedding Photography

Rings of Unity

Lovely Bri & her suitor Brendan were married this Memorial Day weekend in Lake Placid. Their true spirit and warm hearts shone through the ceremony, portraits and lively reception. Thank you for touching me with your story. ~Jordan

Guests of Bri & Brendan may access
select photos at by
entering “congratsbbq” at the Client Login page.

Lifting Her VeilAn Emotional ExchangeBri & BrendanBrendan & His Outdoor BuddiesDancing the night away to the sounds of Lee the Wedding DJ



Trailer Premier in Lake Placid

Aaron Woolf presented the trailer inside theatre #1 at the Palace.
The 3-minute trailer for the Go Digital or Go Dark campaign premiered over the weekend at the Palace Theatre in Lake Placid, New York. Our friends over at AdkMogul, a film and writing hub, has posted about it here.