“Jordan made us look so good!”

What type of photo shoot did you have?
Wedding =)

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot experience?
My favorite part was our friend Jordan being so relaxed and making sure he got all of our shots for us. He is so professional and calm and led the photo session so well!

Bri & Brendan

What is your favorite image?
I love the image of Brendana and I on the porch of the church looking out into the rain.Jordan made us look so good! It was his idea to do that portrait and it turned out beautifully. How is our commitment to serving you well? Please let us know what we did well and how we can do better. 

Jordan served us far beyond well. He is such a wonderful, caring photographer and that shows in his pictures!

Jordan celebrating with Bri & Brendan

Bri & Brendan’s Lake Placid Wedding Photography

Rings of Unity

Lovely Bri & her suitor Brendan were married this Memorial Day weekend in Lake Placid. Their true spirit and warm hearts shone through the ceremony, portraits and lively reception. Thank you for touching me with your story. ~Jordan

Guests of Bri & Brendan may access
select photos at AdkPhotog.com by
entering “congratsbbq” at the Client Login page.

Lifting Her VeilAn Emotional ExchangeBri & BrendanBrendan & His Outdoor BuddiesDancing the night away to the sounds of Lee the Wedding DJ


The Deal – Short Film in Lake Placid

Tools of storytelling: Pen, paper, playback monitor.
A few months ago, a group of creative people came together and produced The Deal, a 22-minute short film about a Landscape Architect who has fallen on hard times. A commentary of debt, the economy, and small-town apartments, I am delighted to be see this story told. Today, I’m sitting down with Director Tim Brearton as we get through Post-Production.

Philip’s Lake Placid Senior Portraits

This past week, Philip and I ventured to the The Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid to find some rustic locations for his senior portraits. We found an Adirondack Lean-to for a nice sitting pose, a bridge made with large logs (perhaps, a symbol of his bright path into the future?), and a rock-laden river bed with a styled branch fence. Thanks to Philip’s mom Nancy for spotting that last one!