Lake Placid Family Portraits with the Jerges

This Thanksgiving was a special one for me. I was invited out to the Lake Placid Lodge by the Jerge Family. Jimmy, Melissa and their 5 laughing, well-behaved children were a bright spot of my holiday. And my wonderful sister Camille dressed up and helped out with the shoot, looking as beautiful as ever.

During our half-hour scouting session we found many rustic settings. The Lodge is well-known for this and exuded it’s unique character for our shoot. As the late autumn sun set, we used the large dock to create a high-contrast and colorful scene. Next, we moved to the Adirondack Lean-To with it’s cozy green and red pillows. With just a hint of sunlight left, the Jerge children settled onto the Westport chairs with their distinctive red paint. Thank you Jerges for a fun Thanksgiving afternoon!

Philip’s Lake Placid Senior Portraits

This past week, Philip and I ventured to the The Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid to find some rustic locations for his senior portraits. We found an Adirondack Lean-to for a nice sitting pose, a bridge made with large logs (perhaps, a symbol of his bright path into the future?), and a rock-laden river bed with a styled branch fence. Thanks to Philip’s mom Nancy for spotting that last one!